Why wait till Christmas if you can have it one month early? That’s right boys and girls, BEST Helsinki proudly brings you


PCP vol 11: The Servants of Whipped Cream


Between Thu 13th of November – Sun 16th of November the Aalto campus will be shocked. The crazy BEST spirit takes over and releases element of Sauna Crawling, Minttu, Sitsit party and Joulupukki in the form of the famous, supreme and legendary Pre-Christmas Party! People fly from France and Italy to see this miracle – make sure you’re not left out and APPLY!

“It’s gonna be… epic.”
– Emmi the Secretary

-Niklas, Kapo and the elves

PS: The concept of PCP consists of hard partying and little sleep and therefore it differs from Summer Courses and other events. Please see through the photos on the right!

See you soon!