BEST Helsinki was one of the founding members of the BEST organization. The LBG’s influence was emphasized during the early years when Helsinki organized GA in 1992 with LBG Tallinn. Helsinki has had four BEST boardies so far, and has nursed several LBGs in the nineties. These include Tallinn in 1992, Tampere in 1995 and Riga in 1997. Helsinki and Tampere have been the only Finnish LBGs for the time being. In 1995 Helsinki and Louvain-la-Neuve visited each other aiming to learn from the two cultures, possibly starting the CE culture in BEST.

The LBG had its highest number of active members, 32, in 2003. Although the capital and member quantities have fluctuated greatly during the years, the support of the student union has always been strong and the requirements for a full membership have been fulfilled continuously. Our mascot, the white rabbit Väinö Yrjö Kyllikki, was introduced in 2010. As any other LBG mascot also Väinö Yrjö Kyllikki has been captured to other LBGs several times and involuntarily visited places such as Trondheim, Barcelona and Istanbul. In June 2013 the LBG finally got their first wristbands which exhibit wintery themes and our two local specialties, Sauna Crawling and the Minttu liqueur, the former being a focal part of the annual Pre-Christmas Party since 2004.