SC 2010

The base for the course is called OK20 (which stands for Otakaari 20, the street address), property of the Student Union of Aalto University. It’s located in the Otaniemi campus area in the city of Espoo. There are three rooms for accommodation, two kitchens, sauna… below one picture from one of the guest rooms.

See our Survical Guide for full details.


The accommodation will be arranged in the university campus, close to the university, in address Otakaari 20. We have reserved a couple of big rooms with beds and mattresses for sleeping. You need to bring your own sleeping bags (or a blanket). Please be aware that these rooms will be quite crowded – but on many nights you will not have too much time for sleeping anyway. There won’t be wardrobes or closets for storing your equipment. There will be toilets and showers in the rooms or on the corridor next to the rooms. In addition, we will have a big room in the campus (close to the accommodation rooms) at our use at Otakaari 20. There will be more showers available (as well as sauna in the evenings). Breakfast and dinner will be served there.

During the event we will organise a possibility to do laundry. However, the facilities are limited, and we cannot promise that you’ll get everything washed when you need it. Hence it’s recommended to be prepared rather with too many clothes than too few. On the weekend we might head for a cottage somewhere in the countryside or go camping in the forest with tents. Be prepared for that with warm and water proof clothes.


We will provide you with breakfast (arranged by the organisers), lunch (in a student canteen) and dinner (most of the time cooked by organisers) during the whole event. On some nights there might be some night snack reserved for the party-animals. If you want you can try to contribute to the cooking on some evenings – and on the international evenings everyone gets to cook. The food is going to be typical Finnish student cuisine. Breakfast probably contains porridge, corn flakes, bread (often made of rye), cheese, cucumber, yoghurt, milk, tea and coffee.

Lunch in student canteen contains a single dish of meat or fish with sauce (also vegetarian and lactose-free food is always available), potatoes or rice as garnish, and salad. Soups and all kinds of starters and desserts are not served on normal lunch or dinner, and water is a typical drink with meals. Lunch on weekends and dinner every day will be cooked by the organisers, and will consist of various examples of Finnish home cooking. They will consist of various simple stews, casseroles and oven cooked dishes featuring meat or fish and vegetables. Many of these dishes will be something that you might not have been used to – real cultural experiences!

If you have a special diet (vegetarian, lactose-free, allergies, not eating pork etc.), contact the organisers in advance to make sure you will get suitable food – we will try to do our best if we know about your needs.

What to bring with you:

  • ID (passport if coming from outside Schengen area)
  • Sleeping bag (if you are planning to sleep without getting cold)
  • Suitable clothes (both warm & waterproof)
  • A bit more formal clothes (like suit and tie) for the company excursions and dinner party
  • Rain coat or umbrella
  • Travel insurance
  • Clothes suitable for sport activities (if you want to do them)
  • Swimming suit (swimming naked is ok too)
  • Protection against germs and unintended pregnancy
  • Slippers (recommended) or woolen socks (useful on the cottage trip and indoors)
  • Something representative of your home country for the International evening (see below for details)
  • Good mood, happiness and BEST spirit!!
  • Comfortable shoes (so you will enjoy all the walking we will do)
  • Flashlight or switchblade (you never know when you need these)