Cantus 2014

Welcome to the CANTUS. It is an evening where traditions, songs, drinks and joy go hand in hand.

CANTUS is an old traditional Belgium party, which involves singing, drinking beer and much fun. Basically, it’s similar to Sitsit, but involves more drinking and more strict rules. No food, only alcohol and singingl!!! 
More official explanation can be found here.

It is first time, that Cantus will happen in Otaniemi, and we are super exited about it :)
The topic this year is independence;)

Ok, cut the bullshit, here is some useful info:

  • Ticket price: 10 euro (includes unlimited amount of beer)!
  • Sales will start on 10th of November, you will be able to pay online and offline, just follow the updates for the details.
  • Amount of tickets is limited, so to be sure you will get one, please sign up below, later, people who signed up will have a privilege to buy ticket first


1. I don’t drink beer, can I still join the party?
Sure, you can drink cider or even water, however the price will be still the same.

2. How much time will be the party?
Usually cantus is 2-3 hours, but we will have an afterparty in rantasauna.

3. How should I dress up?
The topic is independence, so be creative. However, during the cantus some alcohol can be spilled on you, so don’t dress too fancy.

4. Is alcohol really unlimited?
Yes it is free during the Cantus. On afterparty you will be able to get some refreshments with affordable prices;)

5. Who can join?
Party is open for every Aalto student, but you can invite friends from other universities as well.

The organizers will do everything to make this evening unforgettable, but remember that is the participants who actually make a CANTUS!