BEST Helsinki Summercourse report 1997
Current trends Of Internetworking
3rd August 1997-17th August 1997

Here it is... Take a cup of coffee and relax, you have now access to hundreds of pictures with which you will surely have enjoyable moments. Look some pictures now and continue next time, there is enough topics for several sessions.

I am suprised of the good technical quality achieved, that quality I have not seen before on the net. There has been some photo editing, but those effects have not been applied to all pictures. The pictures really are 100 dots per inch. The most suprising quality I got when I tried with a PC with a newish video card (2 Megs or more), but other cards are also good.

In the future there will be some refinements to this document, the work continues. Pictures will be edited towards the original photos, errors will be corrected (there should not be many), but do not send more pictures, this is the final version. It is not sensible to add pictures between these pictures. If you have looked through the previous version of this document (1. of 2), you will now see those pictures again. I decided to use this topic taxonomy. There is new pictures so a good reason to go through again.

These files will be available to you from here and also it is planned to make a big file to download to your own disk. Whole package is 14 Megs, at the moment only to unix machines but it could be made dos files.

10th November, 1997

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Summercourse 1997 pictures sorted by happening

Pizza restaurant
National evening
Helsinki City
Linnanmäki Amusement Park
Heureka Science Park
Excursion at Cisco Systems
Excursion at HPY
Excursion at Fazer
Nokia evening with swimming pool
Excursion at CSC
City rally Helsinki
Cottage weekend
Serena Water Park restaurant
Farewell Party
The worst cruise

Music and dancing
Accommodation, breakfast, bus, ...

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Pictures sorted by sender


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