BEST Summer Course 1996

Helsinki University of Technology Finland



The Course

The Professional Part

This course handles some of the most important methods of environmental protection of forest technology and society waste handling . We start from some information of Finnish forest industry itself. Then we learn how pulp and paper are made and continue with learning different technical methods of environmental protection. We start from basics and go to further information of the secrets of the Finnish high technology.

The lectures are held by professors and lecturers from Helsinki University of Technology, researchers from the Technical Research Center of Finland and representatives of some companies in forest production technology.

The program includes visits in some Finnish companies in Helsinki as well as a tour to the South-East Finland to see some modern pulp and paper factories.

Basic Requirements and the Level of the Course

We are expecting students with studies of at least 3 years on for example Forest Production Technology, Environmental Protection Technology, and Technical Biochemistry. Above all we are expecting motivated students, who are prepared to learn more about this subject. The official organizer of this course is the Laboratory of Environmental Protection Technology of the Helsinki University of Technology.

The Contents of the Course

Naturally we can't tell you everything about this subject in two weeks, but we'll do our BEST. After the course you will have a pretty clear picture about the forest production technology of Finland, environmental protection technology concerning forest industry and basic knowledge of using Finnish sauna. Except staying in lecture hall we will also have excursions in Helsinki and also in few small towns in the South-East Finland. See the schedule for more information; extreme excursions and luxurious lectures are waiting with profound parties (Finnish bileeeeeet!!!) and fanatic freetime..... Some changes in the schedule are of course possible.

The Social Activities

We are going to be active also outside the lectures. The highlight of the social program is staying at a summer cottage somewhere on shore of one of the thousands of lakes in the beautiful countryside of the South-East Finland. If you haven't experienced the wonderful Finnish summer nights eating sausage after relaxing sauna and swimming, we can help you.

After the course at the end of second week we'll arrange the WORST part of our course, a fabulous cruise on the Baltic Sea. Taking part in this is optional and may cost some extra. Anyway we'll try to negotiate the price as low as possible.

The country


Finland is one of the Scandinavian countries and situated on the very border of East and West in the cultural as well as geographical sense. Finland is a liberal , western democracy and like the other Scandinavian countries Finland has a postindustrial market economy. Since the beginning of 1995 Finland has been a member of the EU. The currency is markka (Finnish mark, FIM) To get some idea of the value: 1 USD is about 4,44 FIM at the moment.

The capital is Helsinki, with population of 500 000. The population of the whole country is about 5 million. The area is 338 000 sq. km. The main export goods are paper and metal products as well as high-tech products such as electronics and communication equipment.

The Land of Thousands of Lakes - as they call Finland - has a lot to offer: a modern country with beautiful, clean nature, friendly people and specialities like sauna and midnight sun. Unfortunately no polar bears ........ Nevertheless, Finland is worth visiting!

Helsinki and Helsinki University of Technology

Helsinki, the Daughter of the Baltic Sea, is a city of sea and light blue northern sky. It is a modern European city with an ideal size and dynamic atmosphere. Helsinki is the main economic and cultural center in Finland. It is often considered to be a link between East and West.

The Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), founded 1849, is situated in Otaniemi, just outside Helsinki. It is biggest and highest ranking university of technology in Finland. There are ca. 10 000 students studying in ten different faculties. The students are outgoing and enjoy partying a lot, so you are bound to have a great time!! Barbeque, sauna and swimming is a Finnish combination you can't afford to miss.


Ympäristönsuojelun ammattiainekerho (YTY)

YTY is "Ympäristönsuojelutekniikan ammattiainekerho" which is HUT Environmental Protection Technology Study Circle. Members of it are students of environmental protection technology at the Helsinki University of Technology. YTY is rather young club. It was founded at the end of 1992, but it already has about 70 members. Environmental technology is needed in many kind of industry, but mainly YTY members are from Forest Production Guild, Chemistry Guild and Civil and Environmental Engineering Guild. For its members YTY organizes sauna evenings; usually with guests from industry or research centers, and excursions and happenings like that.

The Technical Research Center Of Finland(VTT)

The Technical Research Center, VTT, is an independent organization of experts, producing technical and technic-economical research facilities to improve the competivity of different companies, to diversify infrastructure of industry and to develop infrastructure of society.

As the main task of it the units of VTT are doping research and development work, and are transporting and testing different kinds of technology.

VTT is supporting principically facilities and things produced in Finland following the national industry strategy. VTT points and develops its activity together with industry, research institutes and universities and also with the authorities which are in charge of financing and coordinating researches. VTT creates also partly the technology, industry and energy politics of Finland.

In environmental protection technology VTT is doing different kinds of things in different laboratories. Air protection technology is the most important environmental thing of the laboratory of Fuel Technology of VTT. This laboratory is also dealing forest production technology, the most important researches of it are about using black liquer, sulphate soap and waste wood.

VTT is also dealing with polluted groundwater and soil. Continuously tightening environmental protection norms have increased the need to account the fouling of groundwater and soil and to clean them. Generally VTT's aim nowadays is to develop low-waste processes, which conserve nature and lead to savings in energy and raw materials. Technology, Environmental Protection Technology, and Technical Biochemistry.

The Finnish Pulp and Paper Research Institute (KCL)

The Finnish Pulp And Paper Research Institute is also located in Otaniemi next to HUT. It is responsible of many important research projects of forest production technology. KCL has strong connections to industry: it is continuously transmitting its results of its researches to industry companies, which also ask KCL to do some research projects. Very much attention has also nowadays been paid to the fastness and effectiveness of the research projects of it.

Recently international co-operation has also become more and more important. One of the oldest international organization is COST (CO-Operation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research). The co-operation programs include for example these subjects:

-Evaporation and membrane technologies

-Biodegradable new light scattering materials from renewable resources

-Biological process steps.

KCL has also participated in Eurolab-organization which is international scientific co-operation between research laboratories. One important project of the KCL is "Recyclability of Paper",in which KCL, HUT and VTT are working together.

Laboratory of Environmental Protection Technology

The Laboratory of Environmental Protection Technology is responsible for the education and research in environmental protection technology carried out at the Helsinki University of Technology Department of Forest Products Technology.

The laboratory offers a total of over 20 different basic, advanced, and post-graduate courses in water pollution control, air pollution control, solid waste management, noise control, and specific courses for industrial environmental protection.

Main interest of the laboratory include:

-treatment of industrial effluents

-anaerobic treatment of industrial wastes

-air pollution in pulp and paper industry

The permanent staff consists of one associated professor, one assistant, a laboratory manager, and a secretary. In addition to this about seven special teachers are employed part-time to give lectures. Currently there are students pursuing Master's degrees (15), Licensiate's thesis (5) and Doctoral degrees (6).

The number of students has been increasing during the past few years. In 1994, the number of students majoring in environmental protection technology was 78, and the number of graduate students 23 Ten Master's theses, one Licensiate's thesis and one doctoral Dissertation were submitted in 1994.

Sounds good ...

How to apply for this course

Please fill the application form to the BEST Summer Course. Enclose also a list of all the courses that you've passed (translated into English) and the official curriculum vitae (CV). Write an essay in which you describe yourself a little bit, explain why you are interested in this course and something else about you that could be interesting. Return your application and enclosures to your local BEST Group before the 20th of March 1996. 25 students will be accepted to this course. Applications sent via other channels to the organizing BEST group will NOT be taken in consideration.

The Course Fee

Our plan is not to have a course fee but we cannot promise this yet. In any case, as the rules state, the maximum fee is 100 ECUs. We have to remind you that the WORST part (the fabulous cruise) may cost some extra.

If you have any questions...

...don't hesitate to ask us! You can contact us directly or via your local BEST group. The Email is the the best way, and the fax is also OK.

BEST and the Summer Courses

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is a non-political and non-profit organization consisting of students of science and engineering of 40 universities in more than 20 European countries.

BEST was founded in 1989 to increase communication and co-operation between students across the Europe as well as between students, companies and universities.

One of the activities of Best is arranging the Best Summer program. In practice this means that every summer many intensive 2-week Summer Courses are arranged around the Europe. Any students of the BEST Universities are free to apply for these courses.

The summer courses are arranged by the local students and include cultural and social activities.

BEST Helsinki:
FIN-02151 Espoo
Fax: +358-0-468 32 18



introduction lecture


Lecture 1: Finnish Forest Industry

Lecture 2: From wood to paper


Lecture 3: The raw material of pulp and paper

Lecture 4: Chemical Economy

Lecture 5: Deinking

Lecture 9: Bleaching


Demonstration of pulp bleaching


The Technical Research Center of Finland

The Finnish Pulp and Paper Research Institute KCL

Sewage Treatment Plant of Helsinki

Pulp Factory

Paper Mill


Lecture 7: Basics of air protection 
	   Technical Research Center of Finland 

Lecture 8: System analysis and spreading model of the combustion gases


Lecture 10: Environmental licenses and official point of view

Lecture 11: Local authorities 
	    Wastewater  engineering 

Lecture 12: Waste management 
	    The Finnish Pulp And Paper Research Institute KCL 
	    The Technical Research Center of Finland 
	    Pulp Factory 
	    Paper Mill 
	    Sewage Treatment Plant of Helsinki 

Lecture 13: The condition of the environment and the protection of environment
	    in forest industry