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What is a BEC?

BEST Engineering Competition (BEC) is an international event where teams of students use their technical, social and communication skills to complete a concrete task.

For some specific conditions given (time, situation, materials...), the teams of engineering students compete to obtain a result with the highest quality in execution, cost and innovation. Creativity, adaptation and imagination are the key factors to confront this challenge.

BEST Helsinki considers it is an opportunity to develop the abilities of engineering students and to put them in contact with real situations, working in multicultural teams.

The event is divided in two parts: preparation sessions and competition sessions.

Preparation sessions:

In order to achieve homogeneous knowledge and abilities, the teams devote the first sessions attending to TRAININGS. They are sessions aimed to develop certain abilities which are necessary during the competition. The responsibles for those trainings are provided by the university.

Competition sessions:

BEST Helsinki has chosen two categories: Team Design and Case Study in which the whole group will participate.

At first, you will be divided into groups of 5 people to test yourself in the Case Study category for two days. After it, you will make a presentation in order to be evaluated by the jury and be awarded with the diploma and the winning team with a prize!

You will be then divided into other small groups to receive the Team Design statement. After 1.5 days of intense work and learning, your creation will be put to a test against other teams' creations. The jury will decide who deserves the award and prize!

Case Study

The Case Study category makes the participants struggle through a real problem proposed by KONE. Divided into teams you'll act as group of specialists working on some technical challenge, the challenge that is realistic and current! This is where innovation is needed! It is meant to be a stimulating experience where you will be offered the opportunity to feel yourself world saving superengineer. Taking the right decisions, being able to make precise analysis of all the options, team building and motivation will lead your business to success.

The result will be evaluated by the jury through a report and a presentation or any other means that are considered necessary. The members of the jury, in charge of taking the decision of awarding the BEST Simulation, will be KONE and one organiser from BEST Helsinki.

The Case Study category will take place in campus area. Teams will work separately in small classrooms and will be provided with PCs with Internet connection and other necessary materials.

Team Design

The design category consists of solving a technical problem given in teams, in a limit time, with the materials that are provided and with the lowest possible cost. The result of the competition is a gadget which has to execute some actions in order to solve the problem given (e. g. to construct a machine that is able to transport something, to construct a ship, a robot, an elevator...).

You are to design and construct a prototype that will perform the needed actions. The evaluation of the results will be done through a presentation of the process of creation and design and the constructed item. Creativity, originality, teamwork, fulfilment of the requirements and budget are parameters that the jury will estimate in order to award the BEST solution. The members of the jury will be professionals from KONE, laboratory personnel and BEST members.

Sounds interesting?