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Five Reasons

Why join? Beacause BEST Helsinki

takes you to Europe and cheaply. BEST is getting more international. BEST events are a reason to travel at least a few times a year. And BEST is not tourism – you’ll learn to know the culture through locals.

creates you a network. BESTies are engineer students – smart, open-minded and international. After graduation you’ll have friends and contacts in Finland, Nordic countries – and all over Europe. Good guys are always welcome to stay over at BESTies’ couches.

develops students. BEST has their own trainer system who can teach you valuable skills of leadership, time management, motivating skills and much more. Of course you’ll learn a lot just by talking and interacting with foreigners.

gives you responsibility. BEST Helsinki organizes several small and big events every year. Diligent organizers are always valued and in BEST you get a chance to challenge yourself and try your limits. In a smaller role is anyone welcome.

is fun and parties. In BEST we have high team spirit and thus we spend a lot of time together. Our weekly open meeting is held nowadays every Tuesday at the AYY main office, welcome to join us!