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EBEC Helsinki 2014

EBEC 2014 was 29th March 2014 in Design Factory, Otaniemi. The competition consisted of two team-design topics: catapult-slingshot and bridge (ABB sub-competition). The competition also had tennis, golf and social activities by which the  skills such as team-working and creativity were judged.

Winners of the whole competition is the team Nallet++. The team members are Atte Koskela, Juuso Latva-Kiskola, Kapo Kaurio and Aada Forsman. They represented Finland in EBEC Copenhagen semifinal where they unfortunately did not win. The presentation skills and prototype construction to transmit water were not good enough, something to consider for the next year competition!

The main organiser of the event is Henri Losoi. The websites of the event here are designed in the Finnish ice-sailing style with Finnish positivity and team-working drive and SISU. The mascot of the competition is Henri’s LoveNalle.

The event culminated into LoveAfterSauna in Design Factory Otaniemi where all participants were offered sweat drinks, healthy family food and other sweat things to reinforce the family-centric slogans “Family is not Important, Family is Everything”, “Together We Go Far” and “Empower Diversity”  (BEST official slogan). Intensive work of students were happily greeted with lovely Finnish Kiss Chocolate (Suukot) and Finnish Geisha Chocolate.

All happy winners of the competitions are in the picture. Winners of different sub-competitions got prizes such as Fungo MiniGolf, Megazone Laser tickets, Jaff hair designs and Kukka-Bukett flowers.




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