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Every Local BEST Group organizes annually an academic course on one of the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn or winter. Courses last usually 8-13 days and topics can be anything between LED technology and architecture, beer brewing and nuclear power. Classes, company visits and evening program fill the schedule, but the intense program always includes getting to know the city as well. By completing the classes and final examination (not always written) 1 ECTS credit will be issued by Aalto university. Participants come from all over Europe, 20-25 people with different technical backgrounds. It’s impossible not to make friends on courses! Additionally, after the course you have gained fantastic memories and spreaded your friend network in Europe.

Sounds expensive huh? Nope, the maximum fee is 27 € including accommodation, three daily meals and transportation during the event. BEST stuff at a price of staying at home! In the course list there are usually some Leisure Events announced there. They concentrate in having fun without academic program and price is accordingly higher. All Aalto University students can apply to Leisure Events.

New courses are annouced here. See the info “how to apply” on the next page!