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    Creative Engineering Competition
    made possible by BEST and Lovely Sponsors.

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    takes place in
    Aalto Design Factory in Otaniemi during 29.3.2014

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The vision of BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is "to empower diversity". BEST Helsinki organises the international EBEC Helsinki competition fifth times where students of different education background and of different genders are
challenged with sub-competitions and puzzles. The results differentiate the winning team
of four people who will be awarded with Flight Tickets! You can also apply
alone or as a group with the maximum of four people.

ABB sub-competition

ABB competition round measures
skills such as mechanical
engineering and teamworking.
The task is bridge

Click here!

Shooting Puzzles


This is not normal golfing. You gotta work as a team. Winning this sub-competition has awesome sporty prizes by Fungo, Fun Adventure Minigolf.


Parabola with blinded eyes, target shooting, sweat-bands and googles: winning this competition has energetic prizes by Megazone, The Ultimate Laser Adventure.


Have you never tested playing battleship with tennis racket? You need to do it with style and pure elegance. You can win prizes such as hair designs by Jaff.


Just follow the Stepping Stones

  • 1. Register yourself alone or as a part of a team. You can apply, Apply here!
  • 2. Wait for a confirmation email. If you got it, Hurray! If not, contact the coordinator.
  • 3. Be at 10AM in the Aalto Design Factory (Betonimiehenkuja 5C) on 29th March.

What kind of competition is it?

Every country has their own Olympic team of best athletics, usually. There is a gap here with creative people such as engineers, artists and business people. The thing is that it is very hard to measure certain skills such as creativity, coordination and ability to teamwork. In BEST, we want to offer an opportunity and challenge people -- to think differently. It is a national Pride to send the BEST Olympic team to a competition. It is also a national Pride to do what you really Love and Care! Like in battles, you try to find the most creative solution to get into the deepest layer, now to the deepest layer of Love.

The competitors should work in teams of four students. The competition time is 6 hours but participants are recommended to come a bit earlier to understand the rules and get to know each other. During the competition, there will be food and drinks served, video games and other activities available for breaks. After 6 hours, Award Ceremony will follow and we offer you something special like in Love -- certain things are better to keep in secret! Day culminates to a special Love-After-Sauna where everyone are welcome to socialise but competitors and sponsors are priotised.

The event is Free of Charge but winning requires your Whole Heart!


The competition is on the 29th March and all kind of things will occupy the day.

Opening Keynote by the EBEC coordinator

Golf, Tennis and ABB sub-competition

ABB Award Ceremony

Catapult puzzle starts!

Battleship gaming opens!

Lunch 1

Lunch 2

Style competition opens


Love-After-Sauna opens

Second Day

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John Doe Design Association

Web Fonts

Jane Roe Turbo Fonts

One-Page Websites

Richard Miles

Break Sponsored by Sphere Labs

Project Presentation: Facepage App

John Stiles Facepage

Lunch Sponsored by Gravity

Mobile Platforms

John Doe

Project Presentation: Handsome Fonts Website

John Smith GBVFD Design Firm

Training Sessions: jQuery

Carla Coe Developers Camp

Third Day

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Paula Poe

Q&A with Quintin Qoe

Break Sponsored by Sphere Labs

Project Presentation: Web Audio

Lunch Sponsored by Gravity

Vector Illustrations

Marta Moe

Closing Remarks

After-Party Sponsored by Dévan

Rules and conditions


Registration to the event is binding. Participants must register before the wednesday 26th March 12AM so we have enough time to organise all necessary things for participants. Teams of four members will be selected primarily based on registration order. The organizers, however, reserve the right to make some changes in order to ensure balanced representation of different disciplines and finding the really BEST people to teams.

Selecting the Winning Team and Prizes

Jury will select the winning team primarily based on the results of the sub-competitions. Because BEST's vision is to "empower diversity", team with diversity may get some extra thumbs-up.


The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the competition rules. The final rules will be told or/and given to the participants in the opening session of the event.


Prizes contain Flight Tickets to the EBEC Nordic competition in Copenhagen for the winners with all-inclusive stay where success means a possibility to represent Finland in the EBEC final again all costs such as Flights and accomodation covered. Then prizes will be rewarded to winners of sub-competitions, they contain sporty services and hair desigs. A flower and a teddy will be offered to participants. See our super sweet Bestie Teddie poster here.

More about EBEC Nordic here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deadline for applications?

You must apply before the wednesday 26th March 12AM.

Who can apply?

The competition is open to all creative students and technical students or like-minded but only students of Aalto University can represent Us in Copenhagen so if you happen to win, sorry, you need to choose someone from Aalto University to replace you or we need to do it.

When are the participants selected?

Participants are chosen by 'first-come, first-served' principle. Organizers reserve the right to make changes to this rule in order to ensure balanced skill variety and finding the BEST people to compete. Confirmation mails are sent out to everyone after the registration closes.

When can I know whether I am accepted to the competition?

We will let you know as soon as possible. Ready teams can be faster accepted.

How big are the teams?

Every team will have 4 members.

It's a long event, should I bring something to eat?

We will handle it with Finnish attitude of originality and cleverness!

Will there be free Wi-Fi?


What if I can't come?

Please tell us as soon as you know that you can't come! For the competition to be successful it's essential that every team has four members.

What is BEST?

BEST is a non-profit organisation helping students to socialise internationally. Practically a freaking cool umbrella organisation helping technical people in EU to co-operate, to socialise, to travel, to have fun, to share love, hugs and many other things! We build a Stronger Europe and Stronger World from Heart! Everything starts from your own heart: be active and join BEST and EBEC now!

What is EBEC?

EBEC stands for European BEST Engineering Competition where BEST stands for Board of European Students of Technology. EBEC and BEST are called "European" for historical reasons. Currently, BEST and EBEC also contain universitities not inside Europe.

There are two categories for competitions namely Team Design and Case Study. For example, EBEC Helsinki 2014 with the catapult-bridge construction is a Team Design. More about different kind of competitions here.

Who are the organizers?

The event organizer is Helsinki Local Group of Board of European Students of Technology (BEST). The coordinator of the event is Henri Losoi, a guy putting some Fire back to BEST Helsinki and shy Finns -- we can do it! The death of BEST Helsinki is just an absurd rumour -- we are kicking stronger every minute and we aspire to become superstars. We are from the North 65 and we do know how to play with extreme conditions and challenges ;)

Who will be in the jury?

EBEC Helsinki jury has international superstars and active BESTies. We try to select a jury that has enough diversity.

1. Agnes Savik experienced EBEC Bestie with different positions such as leader, organiser and jury member (EBEC Kaunas 2011, EBEC Tallinn 2011, EBEC Baltic Moskva 2012, EBEC Tallinn 2012 and EBEC Baltic St. Peterburg)
2. Henri Losoi EBEC Helsinki coordinator 2014 and his teddies (hugs to everyone!)
3. Also possibly Sponsors, professors from Aalto University and some members of BEST Helsinki Moominboard.

My Finnish is not that good. Can I still participate?

Of course! Vi talar helt fint svenska. Wir sprechen Deutsch auch. Kielet ovat intohimomme! Anyway materials will be in English. Presentation language will also be English but do not worry speak the language you are the most familiar with (hopefully), it is like with Angry Birds -- the BEST language is your Body Language, just do your BEST and win your shyness!

There is a misunderstanding that all engineers are bad-looking, introvert and bad-smelling. The other side contains the Super Sexy Strong Beautiful Independent Clever Engineering Girls and Super Athletic Handsome Smart Engineering Guys. We love socially strong Geeks so we are going to have one of the Most Awesome Love-After-Sauna party for everyone but particularly for our Sponsors and Competitors :D
Yes! We always invent new creative stuff like our CE Leuven Music in Belgium. We improvise and we are pround about the BEST Finnish Hard Rock, BEST Finnish Romantic Music and BEST Music from the North 65, always BEST!
During the 96th Indepedence Day of Finland, we repeated the same saying that our ancestors almost 100 years ago: "Let's keep the doors open to Europe" -- in practise, let's keep our boats, our airplanes, our foots, our bicycles, our cars, our eyes and so on open to Europe even today! Finland is like an alone island. We must co-operate and it requires personal investment from everyone here.

We have by far the BEST people here but ironically they don't know it or they are too shy to stand out. In BEST, we want to make Finns to hear and see how great they are! We want to send the very BEST champions of Finland to represent Aalto University and Finland Suomi Pexxxle in Copenhagen and win the Semifinal and eventually the Final! We want the North 65 to have the BEST people to compete against other countries and of course we are sure they come from Finland. We are not made to lose, we are the BEST!

Sponsorship plays a major role in the success of our event. Big Hurray and Thank-you to them, We Love You!


Product Sponsors


Get in touch

The EBEC Helsinki coordinator is Henri Losoi.

He has a Pure Awesome Moominboard of BEST Helsinki, Volunteers and Sponsors to help. Contact him and he will do his BEST to help. Sometimes it may be just a smile but enjoy, do not hesitate to get in touch -- we do our very BEST always!

Inquiries: +358 (0)45 20 SEVEN 0 SEVEN SEVEN 2

Board: email