BEST Helsinki Clubroom

The clubroom is a pastime room for HOAS tenants hosted by BEST. It is located in the ground floor between JMT 11 A and 11 B. All HOAS tenants in Otaniemi have a possibility to reserve the space for free.


  • It is very important that the silent period is respected as residents could get disturbed! The possible time of use is until 22 from Sunday to Saturday and until 23 on Friday and Saturday. When there are noise complaints from residents it can cause that the responsibles cannot rent the room in the future.
  • The person reserving the room will not get the key for the room. A member of BEST come open the door when the reservation begins instead. Be there on time!
  • After using the room it must be cleaned properly and left in good condition.


  • watch movies and play music (Full HD beamer, high quality speaker system, silver screen, dim-out curtains)
  • use internet
  • play billiard and table soccer
  • play cards, poker and board games (Carcassonne, Dominion, Guillotine, Diplomacy and others)
  • make simple food and cool down drinks (fridge, stove, water boiler, …)

Reserve the room 

Reserve the clubroom 7 days – 21 days before the reservation would begin.

We confirm the reservations via e-mail whenever possible. Mind that we’re not always available to make the reservations and open the door.