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Cantus 2017

Military Cantus in Smökki 10.3.2017 7pm-1am!

Where: In Smökki, Jämeräntaival 4. After party in Rantasauna, behind Jämeräntaival 7.
Price: 15 €
Ticket sales:
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Cantus is a traditional Belgian student party. Participants sit in a circle (U shape called corona) of tables, facing to the middle. See Wikipedia for further information.

Cantus team: Includes Senior, Cantor, Punishers and waiters.
– The Senior leads the cantus following more or less strict rules, called Codex. His word is the law and he chooses the songs to sing and punishments to execute.
– The Cantor has the knowledge about the songs for the current cantus. He starts all songs in cantus.
– The punishers look mean and make sure that participants follow the codex. If they detect misbehaviour they are the ones to execute punishments.
– Waiters make sure that all participants get their beer/cider.

Punishments: Resulting from the long history in Belgium, a wide set of most imaginable punishments has been developed. In the mildest punishment you are asked to shut up and dring another beer while the cantus continues uninterrupted. For more severe and intentional violation of the codex the cantus is ceased and the Senior will order a suitable punishment to be executed in the middle of the corona for one or several participants. If you behave yourself you can easily avoid all punishments, but in the other hand if you’re into a show…

Drinks: We would love to serve you real Belgian beer but unfortunately that is economically impossible. In this cantus we use Finnish and Estonian beer and cider. Not the cheapest crap though. ;)

Waitering: In this cantus we serve beer and cider in cans. Only one drink is given to a participant at a time, and a slightly crushed can should be given to the waiter in order to receive a new one. Hold the crushed can above your head so the waiters know you’re thirsty. :D

Songs: the codex includes mostly well-known pop and rock songs, traditional Belgian songs in Latin and English and some Finnish drinking songs. The codex from our 2014 Cantus can be found here. It is advisable to check harder songs from Youtube for a better experience.

Dresscode: The cantus is a really messy event, the tradition includes throwing beer on other participants when the punishers are not looking. Tables usually get soaking wet and you’ll might get dirty during punishments. This said, wear your less fancy clothes.


1. I don’t drink beer or cider, can I still join the party?
Sure, we can serve you also juice or simply water, however the price will be still the same.

2. How much time will be the party?
The cantus will be at least 3 hours. We will have an afterparty in Rantasauna.

3. How should I dress up?
According to the theme if you wish. However, during the cantus some alcohol can be spilled on you, so don’t dress too fancy.

4. Is alcohol really unlimited?
Yes it is free during the cantus. In the afterparty you will be able to get refreshments with affordable prices ;)

5. Who can join?
Anyone. Party is open for every Aalto student and you can invite friends from other universities as well.

The organizers will do everything to make this evening unforgettable, but remember that is the participants who actually make a CANTUS!